December 4, 2023

Nigerian Restaurants

This list aims to compile Nigerian restaurants globally. If you’ve had a pleasant dining experience at a Nigerian restaurant anywhere, feel free to complete the contact me form or email me the link. While this list won’t feature star ratings or reviews currently, you’ll need to gauge the quality of the restaurant yourself. Additionally, whenever I have dined at any of the restaurants listed, I will share my culinary experience there.

Lolak Afrique – 38 Choumert Rd, London SE15 4SE

For over three decades, Lolak has been a staple in Peckham, South East London, offering a cozy, intimate, and friendly dining atmosphere. They provide a taste of authentic Nigerian cuisine with dishes such as jollof rice, amala and ewedu, which can be enjoyed with either fish or a variety of meats.

805 Restaurants – 805 Old Kent Road, London SE15 1NX

805 paved the way for authentic Nigerian dining experiences in London, setting a high standard. While they have expanded with many other branches, I haven’t visited recently to vouch for their current service quality.

The Whitehart Restaurant – 44 Erith High Road, Erith, London DA8 1QY

I loved their presentation and the food was delicious. Great atmosphere and music!