December 4, 2023

Deadly Sacrifice was nominated for the SI Leeds Literary Prize and was an Audible Crime & Thriller pick.

“Deadly Sacrifice” is an intricate police procedural that combines character development and plot advancement. The story revolves around sinister themes of human trafficking and ritual killings, drawing inspiration from a chilling real-life crime case in 2001, in which the torso of a young African boy, known only as Adam, was found in the River Thames.

At the heart of the story is Toks Ade, a single mother and British-Nigerian detective who had served several years as a uniformed officer before transitioning to the East London crime squad as a trainee detective.

Her superior, Detective Philip Dean, is a complex character navigating intricate personal relationships that add depth to the narrative.

Adding another layer to the plot is Coretta Davis, a former investigative journalist of mixed Nigerian and British descent who turned into a True Crime author. She also happens to be Toks’ closest confidante.

The plot escalates when Toks and Philip, while en route to interview the grandmother of a missing nine-year-old girl named Venus, stumble upon a chilling discovery: a severed child’s hand. This discovery propels them into a desperate race against time to locate not only Venus but also the presumed-dead child whose body part they had found. The narrative takes a horrific turn when body parts start appearing in ritualistic clay pots scattered across London parks. Amidst juggling personal issues and tracking down elusive killers, Toks and Philip are plunged into an increasingly horrifying crime scene.

In parallel, Coretta embarks on a daunting journey to pen down the true story of Alpha, the boy whose torso was found in the Thames. Her quest leads her through London and extends all the way to Nigeria, uncovering potential involvement of formidable entities. This journey is fraught with danger and revelations, adding a further thrilling dimension to the story.

“Deadly Sacrifice” Excerpt.

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