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Deadly Sacrifice is a character and plot driven police procedural about human trafficking and ritualistic killing. It was inspired by a real crime that happened in 2001 when the torso of a young African boy, popularly known as Adam, was found in the River Thames.

Single parent, Toks Ade, a British Nigerian female police detective worked as a uniformed officer for many years before starting as a trainee detective in the East London crime squad.

Her supervisor, British Detective Philip Dean with his complicated relationships

Coretta Davis a former investigative journalist turned True Crime author and Toks’ best friend who is of mixed Nigerian and British parentage.

Toks and Philip were on their way to a council estate to interview the grandmother of a missing nine-year-old girl, Venus, when they came across a child’s severed hand. From there began a race to find the child whom they presumed dead and Venus the missing nine-year-old. Things took a macabre and horrible turn when body parts began to appear in ritual clay pots in London parks. While Toks and Philip battled with their personal lives and hurtled from park to park, with the killers eluding them

Coretta, in the meantime decided to write a book about what really happened to the boy, Alpha, whose torso was found in the Thames. This took her on trips around London and to Nigeria where she finds out that very powerful people might be involved.

Deadly Sacrifice Excerpt.

Deadly Sacrifice was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize in 2016 and was Audible’s Crime & Thriller pick of Sept 2020.

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